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Skill Demos: Swimming and Swim Instruction/Coaching

This page provides swimming stroke and skill demos, swim instruction tips and tricks, stroke analysis, and coaching techniques.

Basic Skills for Swimming

Adjustment to the Water/Submerging
Arm and Leg Actions
Breath Control
Changing Positions
Surface Diving

Safety/Survival Skills

Bobbing in Deep Water

Changing Directions

Lifejacket Use

Rolling Over

Survival Floating/Swimming

Treading Water



Strokes for WSI Class (* = Competitive)

Other Strokes

  • Combined Strokes
  • Human Stroke/Beginner Stroke
  • Inverted Breststroke
  • Overarm Sidestroke
  • Trudgen/Trudgen Crawl
  • Underwater Stroke

Training/Workout Techniques

WSI Tips and Techniques