The Learning Center (Saba)

The American Red Cross Learning Center (AKA Saba) is a user interface and database system for American Red Cross instructors and instructor trainers to manage their profile, their Red Cross certifications, and course record reporting to the Red Cross. All American Red Cross Health & Safety instructors and instructors trainers need access to the Learning Center (Saba).

What’s Saba?

Often, you will hear the Learning Center referred to as Saba. So,what is Saba?

Saba Island

Saba Island

Saba's location

Saba’s location

The island?

Well, the first thing you should know about Saba is that it is a picturesque island in the Caribbean which is, at about 5 square miles, the smallest special municipality of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Chistopher Columbus is said to have sighted Saba on November 13, 1493, but he did not land.The island was later claimed for France, England, and the Netherlands. The Netherlands has had continuous possession of the island since 1816.

A software company, actually

Saba is actually a premier provider of people systems including learning management solutions, etc. That’s right. Saba is the name of the software system the Red Cross uses and the company that created  it.

So now you know.

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