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CR Administration page

To create a new course record, to manage course records already created, or to print out certificates for your participants, select CR Administration from the Go To menu in the upper right corner of the Home page.

Creating a New Course Record

To create a new course record, click the New Course Record link. Click this link to open a Job Aid for Creating a New Course Record.

Searching for an Existing Course Record

You can search for an existing course record by any of the fields listed on this page.

  • Sheet No is the number assigned when the course record was created.
  • Creation Date is the date the course record was created. The default condition returns all course records with a date greater than or equal to the date entered.
  • Course is the course title.
  • Status is the current status of the course record (e.g., Draft, Submitted, Approved, Cancelled, or Rejected).
  • Organization Name is the authorized provider or licensed training provider that the course was taught under.

When you enter search criteria in one or more of these fields and click the Search button, all existing course records that meet the criteria are returned in a list.

  • To continue working on an unfinished course record (Draft), click the Sheet No. link on the left.
  • To view a summary of a course record, click the View Summary link associated with the course record on the right.
  • To print certificates for an Approved course record, click the Print Certificates link on the right.
    • When the Print Certificates dialog box appears, select a print option and click the Print Certificates button.
    • When another dialog box appears, click the Print this report icon (second icon from the left corner). A small gray dialog box appears.
    • Click OK.
    • When prompted to open or save SabaReportViewer.pdf, click Open. The certificates appear in the next window.
    • Print or extract the pages as desired. (To learn how to extract PDF pages, go to Adobe Acrobat Help.)

Displaying the Per Person Fee

You do not have to wait until you are confirming a course record to find out how much the Red Cross charges per person for a particular class. You can modify the Course Selection dialog box to display this information when you select the course. To do this:

  1. In the CR Administration section, select the Pick Course icon.
  2. When the Course Selection dialog box appears, enter a course and click Search. A list of courses appears.
  3. Click Modify Table above the course list. This opens Modify Table Display dialog box.Modify Table Display
  4. Scroll down until you find the Per Person Fee check box. Select the check box.
  5. Scroll down and click Save. The per person fee now appears whenever you select a course.


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