Aquatic Program Quality Auditing

Water Safety Guy can develop a quality processes, audit your program and personnel, and offer a valuable, confidential written assessment, including program operation/management, lifeguard service, and swimming/water safety instruction.

Quality Documentation and Auditing Options

The following quality audits and documentation services are available.

Program/Service Gap Analysis

This is a detailed review and written assessment to identify “gaps” in program safety and quality in the areas of program management; facility cleanliness, operation, and maintenance; compliance with applicable statutory/regulatory requirements; required and recommended infrastructure, equipment, documentation, and record keeping; employee training and competence; lifeguard service; emergency procedures; community programming; etc.

Quality Documentation

Aquatic, safety, and emergency response programs need adequate documentation to develop, monitor, and maintain safety and other goals of quality and continuous improvement. We can provide guidance about required documentation or write/rewrite it to your specifications. We can also help you maintain records and reports that will allow you to establish statistical quality control of safety systems and facility programs, which, in turns, leads to root-cause analysis, corrective/preventive measures, and continuous improvement.

External Audits

We can provide you with any of the following evaluations of your program/service:

  • Aquatics facility inspection - An unannounced, detailed walk-through of the aquatics facility to confirm proper operation and compliance with applicable regulations and best practices.
  • Lifeguard evaluation - Unannounced, critical observations of lifeguards on duty.
  • Lifeguard practical testing - Impromptu testing of the lifesaving, CPR, and first aid knowledge and skills of selected lifeguard staff.
  • Swimming instructor evaluation - Unannounced, critical observations of swimming instructors on duty.

Each of these audits is performed by experienced aquatic supervisors/lifeguarding instructors and delivered with a comprehensive written report of findings along with recommendations for improvement. All audits are confidential and remain the property of the agency or organization ordering the service. Upon request, any audit can be videotaped.

Employee Training/Certification

Training sessions for employees on any subject related to aquatic facility operation, lifeguard service, emergency procedures/response, facility maintenance, etc. We develop custom programs and training to meet any needs or time frame.

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