Title 22 First Aid – Basic and Instructor Courses

Title 22 First Aid is a 21-hour First Aid/CPR course required by the State of California for public safety personnel (i.e., firefighters, lifeguards, and peace officers). It can be taught by American Red Cross Lifeguarding and First Aid/CPR instructors who participate in a Title 22 First Aid Instructor Bridge.


This page gives information about both basic and instructor certification in Title 22 First Aid.

FA-emergency_scene2OFFICIAL NAME OF THE COURSE: The official name for this course is First Aid for Public Safety Personnel (FAPSP). “Title 22″ refers to the number of the title (a large division of a legal code) in the California Code of Regulations. On this page, references to Title 22 First Aid and FAPSP are equivalent.

REQUIREMENTS (BASIC COURSE): No prerequisites. Although the course is intended for California firefighters, lifeguards, and peace officers, it is a good course for anyone who needs a higher level of first aid without going to the full, 50- to 60-hour Emergency Medical Response (EMR) program.

REQUIREMENTS (INSTRUCTOR COURSE): EMR instructors/instructor-trainers who self-orient, Lifeguarding instructors/instructor-trainers following a group orientation, and First Aid/CPR/AED instructors/instructor-trainers who are also CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers and Health Care Workers instructors/instructor-trainers following a group orientation. (It is also highly desirable that potential instructors/instructor-trainers have taken the basic course in the past.)

Safe Swim FAPSP Instructor Courses (Irvine, CA)

Safe Swim and Water Safety Guy will hold an Instructor Orientation for FAPSP every Sunday that a Lifeguarding Instructor course is scheduled in Irvine, CA. This orientation is open to the public. For more information, go to Lifeguarding Instructor Courses.

Basic FAPSP Challenge (Southern California)

Although the basic FAPSP course should be provided by the agency that hires you, we can offer a FAPSP challenge upon request. To be eligible for this challenge, you must have (or have had) the basic FAPSP certificate and are ready to take the written exams and demonstrate all required skills.