Certifications for Aquatics Management

Aquatic coordinators and head lifeguards should hold certifications beyond Lifeguarding and WSI. They need to certify their staff and provide expertise during training exercises and emergency response. Here are some certifications that facility operators and management should consider as a part of their job requirements.

Emergency Medical Responder

The American Red Cross has released a new fully updated Emergency Medical Responder course, designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to work as an emergency medical responder (EMR), formerly known as an EMT basic. According to the American Red Cross, the course content exceeds the 2008 NHTSA Emergency Medical Services Standard for EMRs, and it has been approved by the American Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council.

Holding this basic-level certificate will enable you to take a leadership role during first aid emergencies and training sessions.

Lifeguarding Instructor

The American Red Cross Lifeguarding Instructor (LGI) course may be one of the most useful certifications for aquatic management, combining the ability to teach lifeguarding, first aid/CPR, and water safety courses in a single certification. California LGIs are eligible to teach the Title 22 First Aid course to their lifeguard staff.

LGI Course by Water Safety Guy

To find out more about LGI courses in Southern California, check out Upcoming LGI Courses. Many LGI classes are held over a single 2-day weekend; we routinely get participants from all parts of California and even out of state.

Title 22 First Aid Instructor Course (Basic-Level Challenge Too)

All of our scheduled LGI courses include a bridge course to Title 22 First Aid instructor. Current LGIs can sign up for this course, usually scheduled for 12 noon on the Sunday class meeting. You must register in advance so we know to expect you for the class. For more information, go to scheduled Title 22 First Aid Instructor.

Basic-level Title 22 First Aid Challenges may also be arranged during the Sunday class as well.

Lifeguard Management

The American Red Cross Lifeguard Management (LGM) course has been redesigned as a completely online course. It includes the following six modular lessons:

  • Your Role as a Lifeguard Manager
  • Human Resources: Preparing Your Staff
  • Injury Prevent Strategies
  • Emergency Action Plans
  • Managing Your Team
  • Risk Management

Participants can register for this course at www.redcross.org/lifeguarding. An ebook, Lifeguard Management Supplement, can be downloaded and printed when participants take the course.

Pool Operator Certification

Several pool operator certification courses are available, including some in online or blended learning formats.

Before signing up for any of these courses, make sure the certification is accepted in the state where you work. Some states have additional requirements beyond the pool operator certification.

Water Safety Instructor-Trainer

The path to become a WSI-Trainer is fairly complex; there are several steps, and it can take several months to over a year.

Although the section heading indicates WSI-Trainer, the same process can be used for any Red Cross instructor-trainer certification (e.g., Lifeguarding Instructor-Trainer, First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor-Trainer, etc.).

Before you can get on the track to become a WSIT, you must have a WSI certification. To sign up for a WSI course in Southern California, go to Upcoming WSI Courses - So Calif. Many WSI classes are held over a single 2-day weekend; we routinely get participants from all parts of California and out of state.