Join the Water Safety Guy LTP

Water Safety Guy is an American Red Cross Licensed Training Provider (LTP). The American Red Cross partners with LTPs and Authorized Providers (APs) to provide training programs and related services.


The Value of APs and LTPs

APs and LTPs are organizations that have entered into an agreement with the American Red Cross to deliver aquatic and health and safety programs.

  • APs are institutions, governments, nonprofits, etc. Many Lifeguarding and Water Safety instructors work for APs like municipalities, camps, and schools.
  • LTPs are for-profit businesses that provide safety training. Instructors may work as employees or independent contractors, or they may be the owners/operators of the business.

You cannot teach Red Cross classes or submit course records without at least one AP or LTP association. You are not, however, limited to one association; you may associate yourself with any number of AP/LTP organizations without obligation.

Water Safety Guy Is an LTP

If you want to teach Red Cross swimming lessons, Lifeguarding, or First Aid/CPR/AED classes, and you cannot qualify as an LTP yourself, why not apply to use the Water Safety Guy LTP. For a small fee, you can teach courses, receive referrals, and submit course records, using Water Safety Guy as your organization. Signing up is free and without obligation.

The Water Safety Guy LTP Right-to-Use Agreement

To download the WSG LTP Right to Use Agreement, click the link.

Application to Be Added to the WSG LTP

Complete this form to apply to teach under the WSG LTP.