Bites and Stings (Nonvenomous)

This section contains nonvenomous bites and stings that occur as part of the environment people find themselves in. Venomous bites and stings are listed in the Poisoning and Drug Abuse page. Nonvenomous bite and stings include those from insects and other bugs, animals, and human beings. Nonvenomous bites and stings can cause bleeding, infection, and the spread of certain diseases.

Insects and Arachnids

The following insects and arachnids are capable of inflicting irritating bites. While they do not inject venom into the wound, they pierce the skin leaving nasty, irritated welts and other soft-tissue injuries. In some cases, these bites can transmit pathogens that cause various diseases.

Mammals (Including Humans)

The bite of domestic and wild animals can result in infection, tissue damage, and severe bleeding.

Marine/River Life

The Poison and Drug Abuse page contains information about venomous aquatic lifeforms. This section talks about bites from nonvenomous animals that inhabit the oceans.