CR Administration Page

When the American Red Cross introduced the Learning Center (Saba) in 2011, the CR Administration page enabled instructors to create, manage, and submit course records. In late 2013, this function was moved to, reducing the functionality of the CR Administration page considerably.

Search Function

Saba_SearchParticipantsAlthough the CR Administration page is no longer used to create and manage course records, a form still exists there that allows you to search for course participants in the database. To use this page:

  1. Select CR Administration from the Go to menu. The Search page appears.
  2. Enter the search details in one or more fields. This can be a name, email, course record number, etc. You can search on a single file or narrow the search by entering data in two or more fields. The results appears in a list below the Search fields.
  3. Click an item in the list to view details.

You can also access the Search page from After you select Enter or edit records for courses with fees and then log in, you can select Search course participants on the left side of the page. After logging in again, the Search page appears.

NOTE: The Search course participants function is not available on the courses without fee side.