Title 22 First Aid Regulation

Title 22 First Aid refers to a California course of study for public safety personnel, consisting of 15 hours of first aid and 6 hours of CPR.

To review the Title 22 First Aid law:

  1. Go to the Thomson Reuters CCR Web site. (Thomson Reuters maintains the California Code of Regulations for the State.) A list of Title links appears.
  2. Click the Title 22 link. A table of contents with plus/minus boxes appears.
  3. Click the Division 9 plus box to expand content. Chapters under Division 9 appear.
  4. Click the Chapter 1.5 plus box to expand content. Articles under Chapter 1.5 appear.
  5. Click the plus box of the desired Article. Links to sections under the Article appears.
  6. Click a desired link to open the section and read that part of the law.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to read additional sections.