Audit your Aquatics Program

The third-party audit is an effective way of monitoring your aquatics program. When you hire Water Safety Guy to audit your program, you get an impartial, expert analysis of personnel, programs, and policies with recommendations for improvement at a cost that is not only reasonable but utterly dwarfed by the value of this service.

LGI Auditing Options

Water Safety Guy provides the following auditing options:

  • Program Review/Gap Analysis - A review of the aquatics program for compliance with applicable state and federal laws and industry standards of care and best practices with recommendations for improvement.
  • Program Documentation Review/Rewrite - A review of program documentation with recommendations for improvement, performed separately or as part of the Program Review/Gap Analysis. This option can be expanded to include document production, rewriting, reformatting, etc.
  • On-site Audits
    • Facility Inspection and Report - Similar to a health department inspection
    • Unannounced Evaluation of Lifeguard Service
    • Unannounced Evaluation of Swimming Instructors
    • Lifeguard Practical Testing
  • Employee Certification/Training - Staff orientation/in-service training and/or certification programs for staff only.

Our team of experienced aquatic supervisors/lifeguarding instructors conduct these audits and deliver results and recommendations for improvement in a comprehensive written report. Upon request, we can videotape any audit or test. All audits are confidential and remain your property.

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