Hire an Aquatics Expert

Ron Arendas, the Water Safety Guy, has over 30 years of experience as a lifeguard/swimming instructor, head lifeguard/aquatics coordinator, and American Red Cross instructor-trainer.

Need Editing or Research?

We provide these services for pennies per word:

  • Editing an existing document on any subject (pool manual, policies and procedures, textbooks, user’s manuals, etc.) costs just 10¢ per word.
  • Researching any subject and writing a document of any kind costs just 25¢ per word.

These services are performed by Ron Arendas, a writing/editing/researching expert with 30 years of experience as a technical writer/editor and 30 years as a lifeguard, head lifeguard, aquatics coordinator, lifeguard trainer, water safety expert, and Red Cross health & safety instructor and instructor-trainer.

There are no hidden costs! No payment up front! Satisfaction guaranteed! To see current Special Deals related to this service and make a request, click Editorial/Research Requests.

Expert Assessment/Witnessing

Ron Arendas, the Water Safety Guy, is well known in the aquatic industry due to his many years of experience as a competitive swimmer and water polo player, a lifeguard, a swimming instructor, ahead lifeguard, and an aquatics coordinator. Additionally, Ron has been an American Red Cross instructor-trainer in First Aid/CPR, Lifeguarding, and Water Safety for the past 30 years.

Ron can assess lifeguard and swimming instructor competency, evaluate aquatic facility compliance with applicable law and best practices, and give expert opinion as to duty to act and standard of care issues regarding lifeguard services, first aid administration, etc.

For more information, call Ron Arendas at (562) 810-1787 or send an email to [email protected].