Title 22 First Aid - Basic and Instructor Courses

Title 22 First Aid is a 21-hour First Aid/CPR course required by the State of California for public safety personnel (i.e., firefighters, lifeguards, and peace officers). It can be taught by American Red Cross Lifeguarding and First Aid/CPR instructors who participate in a Title 22 First Aid Instructor Bridge.


This page gives information about both basic and instructor certification in Title 22 First Aid.

FA-emergency_scene2OFFICIAL NAME OF THE COURSE: The official name for this course is First Aid for Public Safety Personnel (FAPSP). “Title 22″ refers to the number of the title (a large division of a legal code) in the California Code of Regulations. On this page, references to Title 22 First Aid and FAPSP are equivalent.

REQUIREMENTS (BASIC COURSE): No prerequisites. Although the course is intended for California firefighters, lifeguards, and peace officers, it is a good course for anyone who needs a higher level of first aid without going to the full, 50- to 60-hour Emergency Medical Response (EMR) program.

REQUIREMENTS (INSTRUCTOR COURSE): EMR instructors/instructor-trainers who self-orient, Lifeguarding instructors/instructor-trainers following a group orientation, and First Aid/CPR/AED instructors/instructor-trainers who are also CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers and Health Care Workers instructors/instructor-trainers following a group orientation. (It is also highly desirable that potential instructors/instructor-trainers have taken the basic course in the past.)

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