First Aid/CPR Classes

Woman Giving Mouth to Mouth to a Young BoyFirst Aid/CPR classes prepare you to give lifesaving techniques that can save a co-worker, a friend, or a family member. The goal of organizations like the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association is to have everyone training in basic first aid and CPR techniques so that anyone anywhere might be able to step in a save a life.

CPR LEVELS & OPTIONS. We can offer this training where you live, work, or go to church. We teach American Red Cross courses in 3 levels (ASHI/Medic First Aid course also available):

  • Bystander CPR - A 30-minute training course consisting of recognizing heart attack and responding to conscious choking and sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). This course includes compression-only CPR, proven successful against SCA.
  • Community/Workplace First Aid/CPR/AED - A class for everyone (lay responders/heartsavers), made up of the components you are interested in: Adult CPR, Child CPR, Infant CPR, AED Use, and First Aid. In about 2 to 5 hours, you can be pass this course and receive a 2-year certificate the same day. (Blended Learning Option: approx. 1 to 2 hours online and 30 to 90 minutes in class.)
  • Professional CPR/AED - This course (for health care professionals and first responders) only takes 5 1/2 hours but gives you a 2-year certification and professional-level CPR/AED skills for all victims. (Blended Learning Option: 2 hours online and 2 1/2 in class.)

American Red Cross and American Heart Association courses are equivalent with certificates valid for 2 years. Read more about it here: AHA Red Cross CPR Training and Education Statement.

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