Lifeguards and Lifesaving

Professional lifeguards must be knowledgeable, skilled, and ready to act. These characteristics are interrelated. The more you know and the more you practice lifesaving skills, the more confidence you have to act when you are required to.

lifeguard-dutiesThese pages offer information to help you get the job, and then do the job, of a professional lifeguard

  • How to Become a Lifeguard
  • Basic Lifesaving Concepts and Terminology
  • History and Evolution of Lifeguards/Lifesaving
  • Surveillance and Preventive Lifeguarding
  • Lifeguard Emergency Response
  • Lifesaving Innovations and Technologies
  • Lifeguard Training and Best Practices

Other pages of interest to lifeguards include First Aid and CPR, Swimming Pool Operation, Swimming Instruction, and Community Water Safety.