Scientific Advisories on First Aid

In an attempt to improve, simplify, and standardize important lifesaving principles, the international medical science community has begun examining CPR, first aid, and emergency cardiovascular care (ECC) on an ongoing basis and convenes about every 5 years to publish its findings, most recently in 2010.

AHA/ILCOR ECC Advisories

The American Heart Association (AHA) and the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) sponsors this research and publishes their findings, guidelines, and best practices. This information is used by training agencies to teach first aid and CPR at all levels, and by emergency medical services personnel, health care professionals, safety workers, and the public to respond to emergencies.

Checking for Up-to-Date Information

Books, blogs, web sites, and courses on first aid and CPR should indicate the recommendations upon which they are based. For example: “The first aid/CPR information on the Water Safety Guy web site is based on 2010 AHA/ILCOR guidelines for first aid, CPR and emergency cardiac care.” The foregoing, by the way, is a true statement.

Guidelines for 2015 are currently being worked on. For a sneak preview, check out this blog from Mike Bowen.

The American Red Cross Scientific Advisory Committee

The American Red Cross has an independent Scientific Advisory Council, established in 1998 and made up of experts in emergency medicine, sports medical, occupational health, school health, emergency medical services (EMS) response, and disaster mobilization. The Council helps to establish the standard in first aid care. It also advises the Red Cross in areas related to the development and dissemination of audience-appropriate information and training in first aid and safety.

Links to Advisories

Current scientific advisories for first aid and CPR can be found using the links below: